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Translational Research Initiatives in Pathology Laboratory - Translational Science BioCore

Also known as: TSB-TRIP TRIPath TRIP • Website ↗
Parent Organization: Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Primary Contact: Karla Esbona • kesbona@wisc.edu608/262-5136

Faculty Directors: Ricardo Lloyd

Provides high quality services in cellular, molecular, quantitative and computational pathology to basic, translational and clinical investigators; offers histological, histochemical, molecular and imaging analyses services such as tissue microarray (TMA) creation, imaging of slides, IHC/ISH and cell line authentication on a fee for service basis. #BiologicalSciences

Affiliations: ICTR, UWCCC and TSB BioBank.
Training Provided?: Yes, equipment-dependent.
Certifications: None
Special: Setup to work with patient archival tissues from Surgical Pathology and perform clinical research.
Wisconsin Institutes For Medical Research
1111 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705-2275
Room: L2/2214

Staffed Hours: Monday - Friday; 6:30am - 5pm
Rate Structure: Per service

For use by:
  • Higher Education Institution
  • Non-Profit and Government
  • Industry Partners
  • WI Residents
  • All UW-Madison
  • UW System
Last Updated: 8/23/2019

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