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What is this directory?

This Directory contains searchable information -- provided by resource owners and service providers -- about broadly shared resources and services that support research in the sciences, arts, and humanities.

The Directory launched in June 2017 with a partial inventory. Resources and services are added and updated frequently.

The Directory is managed by the Office of Campus Research Cores in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

What is a core?

core is a group or facility that provides shared access to research resources. The UW-Madison approach to cores is comprehensive and applies to life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and the arts and humanities.

What are research resources and services?

Resources and services include a range of physical and intangible assets that function to advance research and scholarship, including:

  • instruments and other equipment
  • databases, collections and registries
  • training, expert consultation, and other services

The Directory does not include information about:

  • laboratory equipment that is not shared
  • resources specifically for education and teaching
  • general-purpose resources, such as AV equipment
  • individual faculty labs or research programs
  • safety and compliance offices that administer regulatory policies

What can I do with this directory?

  • Search for a core, resource, or service
  • View the details for a core, resource, or service
  • Find contact information for resource owners and service providers
  • Browse a list of cores
  • Try sample searches to explore the Directory

To locate a missing resource or service, or to suggest additional entries, please contact:

Sarah Brodnick
Campus Cores Facilitator
Office of Campus Research Cores

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