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UW-Madison Anthropology Collection

Also known as: UWAC • Website ↗
Parent Organization: Department of Anthropology

Core Email:
Primary Contact: Liz Leith •

Faculty Directors:

UWAC promotes a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, human development and cultural heritage through supported research, exhibits, internships, and instructional and research programs (including a curation methods course) designed to broaden people’s views of other cultures and the biological diversity of the human species.

Affiliations: SPNHC, Society for American Archaeology (SAA), Midwest Archaeological Conference (MAC), NAGPRA Community of Practice, UW-Natural History Museums Council
Training Provided?: Yes
Certifications: None
Special: None
Restricted Access Location; log in for details

Staffed Hours: Generally 8:00am-2:00pm on weekdays
Rate Structure: Not provided; contact core
Rate Sheet: Not provided; contact core
Reservation Link: Not provided; contact core

For use by:
  • All UW-Madison
  • UW System
  • Higher Education Institution
  • Non-Profit and Government
  • Industry Partners
  • WI Residents
Priority: Department of Anthropology students, staff, and faculty
Last Updated: 2/23/2022
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